How to fix broken MacOS text shortcuts in Gmail web client

A couple of weeks ago something changed in Gmail and broke my workflow 🙁.

Answering emails is work and I try to optimize this by using the build in “text shortcuts” of MacOS to make this as simple as possible. Additional I hate it to have a signature attached to every email as I only need this when I want to communicate more details about me on first contact.

After searching on the web I found many tips on “keyboard shortcuts” but no solution on how to fix this problem.

To solve the problem, I checked the settings of Gmail but could not find an option to change this specific behaviour but found this other options which is trying to check and correct my spelling when creating or answering emails:

By switching it off, I got back my MacOS “text shortcuts”

and I did not lost spelling as it gets replaced by the native spelling support of MacOS:

I hope this helped some of you to get back to “normal” work 😀.

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