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  • Steven Sinofsky

    Steven Sinofsky

    a16z • Box • Tanium • Product Hunt • Everlaw • ॐ • 🙏

  • Samuel Martineau

    Samuel Martineau

  • Lee James Gilmore

    Lee James Gilmore

    Principal Serverless Engineer | Cloud Architect | Serverless Advocate | Mentor | Blogger | AWS x 4 Certified 🚀

  • Andrea Giammarchi

    Andrea Giammarchi

    Web, Mobile, IoT, and all JS things since 00's. Formerly JS engineer at @nokia, @facebook, @twitter.

  • Jason Knight

    Jason Knight

    Accessibility and Efficiency Consultant, Web Developer, Musician, and just general pain in the arse

  • BennoDev


    Passionate Maker 🛠

  • Lukas Bombach

    Lukas Bombach

    Programmer, wannabe designer and nostalgic retro gamer.

  • Pouya Eghbali

    Pouya Eghbali

    Founder at Kenshi, Clio programming language, and CTO at Equip.

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